‘Guardians’ Trailer Proves That Russia Has the Superhero Genre Locked Down

     September 16, 2016


When you start hearing a lot about a foreign film, nine times out of ten its a prestige picture. Sometimes it’s a great action film or a unique dispatch from the horror or comedy genres, but most of the time, it’s a high-brow drama, usually touching on some political or historical element to it that makes the film relevant. Earlier this year, The Measure of a Man hit stateside shores after winning over critics on the festival circuit and in its native country of France due to its potent insights into current labor issues in that country. Gianfranco Rosi‘s upcoming Fire at Sea took away top honors at the Berlinale for its striking depiction of the refugee crisis in Italy and will next bow at the upcoming New York Film Festival before its stateside theatrical release.

guardians-image-4Such political resonance is not what drives the surprising fascination with Russia’s Guardians, however. Where those aforementioned films have already been out for awhile in their home countries, Guardians will not be released in its homeland until February 23rd, while an American release is planned for later in 2017. So, how has so much buzz been built up? Well, after you watch the new domestic trailer for the film, which you can find right below, you’ll probably understand a lot better.

First and foremost, there’s a bear-man hero who wears cargo shorts, which should sell the entire production on its own. He’s part of the titular group of superheroes, that also includes some Winter Soldier-type with big sickles and a woman who seemingly can go all invisible like Sue Storm. It’s hard to piece together what there mission is but it’s likely that they will be saving citizens from the otherworldly technical mayhem of some crazed corporation, wealthy businessman, or government official. We’ll know more the closer we get to its release in Russia, but as of right now, this puppy is up there with Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 in terms of sheer anticipation.

Here’s the U.S. trailer for Guardians:




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