Director Guillem Morales Video Interview JULIA’S EYES

     September 15, 2010

One of the many films that premiered at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival is director Guillem Morales’ Julia’s Eyes.  Produced by Guillermo del Toro and Rodar Y Rodar and starring Belén Rueda (The Orphanage), the film centers on a woman who is losing her sight but continues to investigate the mysterious circumstances regarding her sister’s death.

Last week we premiered the official trailer for the film (which you can watch here), and the other day I got to sit down with Guillem Morales for a short interview about how the project came together and how he works as a filmmaker.  While he definitely has an accent, you can still easily understand what we talked about.  Hit the jump for the interview:

Guillem Morales

  • How has TIFF been and what was the first screening like
  • Did he do any test screenings
  • 1:45 – We talk about how he got del Toro involved in the film
  • 3:50 – Did he have a lot of deleted scenes? How was the editing process for him. He explains how he gives the material to his editor and then walks away till he’s done and then he comes back to the process
  • 7:00 – When did he finish the film
  • 7:25 – Has he started thinking about his next project?  Talks about two projects he’s working on and how he writes in coffee shops in Barcelona

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