Guillermo del Toro Exclusive Video Interview Backstage at the Saturn Awards

     June 28, 2008

A few days ago, I posted an interview I did with Guillermo del Toro on the red carpet at the Saturn Awards here in Los Angeles. While that interview covered a lot of ground on both The Hobbit movies and Hellboy 2 and 3, I’ve got another interview with the brilliant filmmaker to share with all of you.

After Guillermo won the lifetime achievement award at the Saturn’s, he came backstage and spoke to a few journalists about a ton of subjects. As always, I listed what we talked about above each part…that way you can watch the parts that interest you.

Highlights of the interview include his thoughts on the Death movie, what he has to do by December of this year, Hellboy 2 talk, more Hobbit talk, will he ever make the Lovecraft films, and I even asked him what his favorite Lord of the Rings movie was.

If you’re a fan of the brilliant filmmaker, I promise you’ll love the interview. And while you may think this is it…I still have more video interviews to post from the Saturn Awards. Keep checking back!

Guillermo del Toro – Part 1

  • Hobbit talk – who he hopes will enjoy the movie
  • Will the film be darker or what kind of style will it be
  • What is it like to win the lifetime achievement award
  • Talks about what he has to do by December of this year
  • Talks about Death – says Neil Gaiman should direct it and they’re still trying to raise the money

Guillermo del Toro – Part 2

  • Plans for the Hellboy 2 DVD
  • Says the theatrical cut of Hellboy 2 is the directors cut
  • I ask if he’s already started thinking about The Hobbit DVDs
  • Was it daunting to accept making the Hobbit movies
  • Hellboy animated talk – camera moves at this second…sorry…
  • Does he still carry around the sketchbook – says he can’t do anything for The Hobbit yet due to legal reasons

Guillermo del Toro – Part 3

  • Post Hobbit…does he see himself doing the Lovecraft films. He thinks it’ll be his Titanic
  • Does he have a favorite of the Lord of the Rings films – he talks about his favorite scene
  • Any recent horror comics or books he’s been reading recently
  • Talks about why he loves Hellboy so much

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