Exclusive: Guillermo del Toro on ‘Trollhunters’ Season 2 Plans, If He’d Direct a ‘Star Wars’ Movie

     April 11, 2017

Last week, Collider was lucky enough to host Guillermo del Toro for a sprawling half-hour interview hosted by none other than the lovely Perri Nemiroff as part of our horror-centric series Collider Nightmares. We already brought you what the filmmaker had to say about passing the torch to Steven S. DeKnight for Pacific Rim: Uprising and how an R rating killed his At the Mountains of Madness movie, but the full interview is utterly jam-packed with updates, reflection, and pithy observations on the film industry at large.

why-guillermo-del-toro-didnt-direct-pacific-rim-2During the wide-ranging conversation, del Toro talks about his Netflix animated series Trollhunters and plans for future seasons, letting DeKnight redefine the world of Pacific Rim 2, what he thinks of shifting film industry trends, the magic of stop motion animation, being moved to tears by his new movie The Shape of Water, how Pinocchio is like Frankenstein, looking back on Cronos and his mixed feelings on his first film, his thoughts on directing a Star Wars standalone film, and more. Watch the full interview in the video above and check out a list of topics below.

  • When did he realize Trollhunters was something special?
  • “TV is about spending time with people you like”
  • Plans for future seasons and letting the series grow older with the viewers.
  • Creating the rules of the Trollhunters universe.
  • Why did he decide to step away from directing Pacific Rim 2?
  • Letting Steven S. DeKnight create his own version of the Pacific Rim world.
  • Would he want to return as director for a third Pacific Rim film?
  • Says he would like to do an animated Pacific Rim series.
  • How an R rating killed At the Mountains of Madness.
  • pacific-rim-uprising-john-boyega

    Image via Legendary

    How studios take strange lessons from their successes.

  • How does he see shifting industry trends looking toward the future?
  • Talk about the magic of stop-motion animation.
  • The Shape of Water and how “genre is the bastard child of prestige.”
  • His approach to remakes and bringing something completely different to Pinocchio and The Fantastic Voyage.
  • Has anybody approached him to remake one of his movies?
  • Reflecting on Cronos and his mixed feelings on his first film.
  • His thoughts on possibly directing a Star Wars standalone movie.
  • Why he loves making animated projects.
  • Says The Fantastic Voyage will probably be his next film and he wants to complete his trilogy of Spanish films.
  • How he’s approaching Pinocchio as the Frankenstein myth.

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