Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson Has a Big GUN in Debut Trailer

     June 8, 2010


It’s not everyday that a film releases a trailer before becoming an entry on Wikipedia, but leave it to 50 Cent to do something special.  The trailer for his new film, Gun, co-starring Val Kilmer, dropped recently and boy is it a doozy.  Featuring an appropriately buffed-out Fiddy (who wrote the script himself) Gun seems less like a movie and more like a video game with Freudian issues.

The plot is simple.  Kilmer, looking like he’s a valued customer at Old Country Buffet, is a convict given a chance at freedom if he can successfully help the police bring down the arms dealer played by 50 Cent.  Violence, sex and enough guns to satisfy even Yosemite Sam are all prominently featured.  Hit the jump to see what the phrase “high caliber stakes” really means.

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