Horror Comic ‘Hack/Slash’ Now on Track to Become a TV Series

     October 15, 2015


The development history of an adaptation of the comic Hack/Slash is rather long, but it now has new life in a different medium. A feature film iteration of Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli’s comic of the same name has been in the works for years, most recently in 2012 with Marcus Nispel (Conan) attached to direct. But now, per THR, executive producers Adrian Askarieh and Ray Ricord are developing a TV series adaptation of the property instead, in the hopes that it will finally make the jump from page to screen.

The story of Hack/Slash follows Cassie Heck, the girl who survives at the end of every horror movie (aka a “Final Girl”). Not content with simply outliving whatever creature/serial killer was after her, Heck takes action and seeks out the horrible slashers who inflict harm on the innocent. A giant protector named Vlad joins her on her journeys, and the two enact justice on the predatory.

hackslash-cover-imageSkip Woods, the screenwriter behind A Good Day to Die Hard, Hitman, and Swordfish, is penning the script for Relativity Television while producers are out to directors to craft a series in the vein of The Walking Dead. While one would imagine the kind of gore and violence necessary to properly tell this story on television means it has to go the pay cable route, shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story get away with an insane amount of violence on regular cable, so it’ll be interesting to see where Hack/Slash ends up.

In the wake of the success of shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, networks have been scrambling to find their own genre-oriented material. AMC already has another comic adaptation, Preacher, on the horizon, and HBO is getting into the sci-fi/Western business with the upcoming Westworld, so clearly networks are expanding their horizons in terms of content. This likely bodes well for the future of Hack/Slash, which may finally get its day in the sun.