HAIM’s New Paul Thomas Anderson-Directed Music Video Is Your Feel-Good Watch of the Day

     October 2, 2017


The HAIM and Paul Thomas Anderson collaboration continues, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Earlier this year, the music group debuted a music video for “Right Now” shot by Anderson which essentially captured the trio performing the track live in studio, and just last week the complete fruits of that labor—a short film from HAIM, directed by Anderson, called Valentine—was revealed. Now, a bona fide music video has been released online for the HAIM song “Little of Your Love,” and the video itself was also directed by Anderson.

Unlike the previous HAIM/Anderson collaborations, this one is an actual music video, and it’s a pure delight. It’s essentially a taste of what a Paul Thomas Anderson musical would look like, as the HAIM members dance and sing in a disco/country-looking club, colorfully lit and populated by smiling, dancing faces. Again, a delight.

There’s an unmistakable Boogie Nights vibe to the proceedings here that also gives the video yet another layer of intrigue, but at heart this thing is just a joy. While Anderson will likely be back in super serious The Master mode with his new drama coming this December, it’s great to see him having fun with talented musicians like HAIM, and also serves as a reminder that Inherent Vice is an underrated gem.

Check out the Paul Thomas Anderson-directed music video for HAIM’s “Little of Your Love” below.


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