HALLOWEEN 3D Scares Up a 2010 Release Without Rob Zombie

     August 30, 2009


It would seem the Weinstein Company is growing antsy in the wake of an under-performing opening weekend for “Halloween II,” Rob Zombie’s latest entry to the rebooted franchise. IMDb reports the slasher has come in with $17.4M thus far, putting it well behind “The Final Destination” and “Inglourious Basterds,” which is in its second weekend. Apparently, this figure is enough to merit a sequel, but not with horror powerhouse Rob Zombie at the helm. More details after the jump.

halloween_2_rob_zombie_michael_myers_01.jpgThe Los Angeles Times caught up with producer Bob Weinstein this morning to talk about the direction of the franchise. As it would seem, in the next entry a new, undisclosed director with experience within the genre will bring a “different take” to the series. Whether this nameless individual will also write and produce the project as Zombie has in the past is still unknown.

Oh yes, Weinstein also revealed that the next installment will carry a little more depth than the prior two, and I mean that quite literally. The aptly and tentatively titled “Halloween 3D” will be the first of the series to use digital 3-D technology. For the reasoning behind this decision, one need not look further than this very weekend; “The Final Destination,” a 3-D horror film, has “Halloween II” trailing by over $10M! Additionally, the ratio of sales on 3-D screens vs. 2-D for the film is higher than on earlier 3-D ventures, like the very well performing “G-Force” and the comparable horror “My Bloody Valentine,” which indicates that 3-D is the “fad” that just won’t fade.

As for Zombie, I’m sure parting is such sweet sorrow. But as we reported earlier this week, he’ll be plenty busy working on the reboot of 1958’s “The Blob.” That and his new CD ought to keep his mind off of the tragic loss.

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