Watch: Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda React to Weird Al’s “The Hamilton Polka”

     March 2, 2018


Hamilton is one of the best things, and thankfully it never really ends. It either opens in a new city, it gets a remix album, or this year with “Hamildrops”, a monthly release of audio, video, and more inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda’s acclaimed musical. This month, we’ve got Weird Al doing “The Hamilton Polka.” Fans of Weird Al Yankovic know that polka medleys are kind of his thing, and so he gives that treatment to the songs of Hamilton. It’s as delightful as you’d expect, which means we’ve now got this great video of Miranda and Jimmy Fallon listening to the song and cracking up at Weird Al’s great comic touches.

Also, the selection of Weird Al didn’t come out of the blue. As you can see from this video, Miranda is a gigantic fan of Weird Al, so it was probably a thrill to have him do a polka treatment for Hamilton:

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