Geek Gifts: Han Solo Carbonite Desk

     June 1, 2011


If you often find yourself feeling that your desk is lacking panache, that certain something to make people go, “Whoa, he means business,” we may have just the remedy for you. Now you can equip your geek-tastic office space with a Han Solo Carbonite desk. That’s right, while signing your checks and doing all your important businessperson stuff, you’ll be staring right into the blinded eyes of Stars Wars’ Han Solo, forever ensconced in carbonite (or at least until Return of the Jedi).  Hit the jump to check out the desk for yourself.

While we’re aware that this desk has been floating around the web for a while, this is the first time we’ve seen it, and we figured some of you may have missed it as well. So, enjoy!

Here’s the desk (via Tom Spina Designs):



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