Han Solo Movie Begins Shooting as Co-Director Chris Miller Shares First Set Photo

     January 30, 2017


The Star Wars movies are rolling right along. Last week, we got the official title for Star Wars: Episode VIII, and today filming is underway on Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Star Wars spinoff featuring Alden Ehrenreich as young Han Solo. Ehrenreich will star alongside Donald Glover, who plays young Lando Calrissian, as well as Woody Harrelson, who plays Han’s mentor, and Emilia Clarke in an unknown role.

Miller tweeted out the following today along with a joke that Star Wars fans know all too well.


Image via Chris Miller

It’s an encouraging sign that Lord and Miller know that this Han Solo isn’t the sanitized one who let Greedo get off a shot before firing back. This will probably be the Han Solo they grew up with, and perhaps even a little rougher around the edges since we’ll be meeting a younger version of the character. While we’ve seen the risks of meeting younger versions of beloved characters in the Star Wars universe (it was not an improvement for Darth Vader or Boba Fett), Lord and Miller are better writers than George Lucas.

Details on the film are still scarce. We don’t know the plot, we don’t know Clarke’s character, and we don’t know how Lord and Miller will handle the material. In the hands of lesser directors, we could probably expect a bunch of trite callbacks with the characters referencing carbonite and other lame winks to the audience. But time and again, Lord and Miller have proven they can take ideas that seem misguided and spin them into gold. Cinematographer Bradford Young has already revealed that this spinoff will be “dirty sci-fi” and that the film will be “unexpected” and “dramatic.”

This slate that Miller posted doesn’t tell us much about the movie other than they’re shooting on digital (you can see from the 6K resolution) and that their going under the working title “Red Cup”, a play on “Solo” brand plastic cups.

The Untitled Han Solo movie is set for release in 2018. For more on the film, click on the links below.

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