Ron Howard Reveals Thandie Newton’s Return to the Han Solo Movie Set

     September 30, 2017


As dispatches from the Han Solo set continue to come in, it’s becoming clear that we may never in fact see much of any of the footage that Chris Miller and Phil Lord shot during their abbreviated tenure as the project’s main helmers. Considering that Kathleen Kennedy‘s major issues with the directing duo seemed to center on matters of tone, this is not entirely surprising. Still, one would hope that for all the money that was put into the Lord & Miller shoot, to say nothing of Michael K. Williams‘ deleted role, we would at least get a glance at what they were working on. That’s seeming less and less likely at this point in the game.


Image via Ron Howard’s Twitter

Indeed, Lord & Miller’s replacement, Ron Howard, has been taking to Twitter regularly to announce new locations and stars that will be featured in the reshot version of the Han Solo movie. Last Night, he posted a picture to Twitter of himself and Thandie Newton, who has apparently taken a break from shooting season two of Westworld to appear in reshoots for Howard. (You can check out the tweet right below.) Newton’s involvement in the Han Solo movie was confirmed back in June but not much is known about who she is playing or where her role fits into the Star Wars mythology, if it does at all.

Much remains unknown about just where exactly Howard is crafting, but one can expect a far more serious tone and probably a lot less color from Howard’s compositions than what one would expect from Lord & Miller. The addition of Paul Bettany in a secretive role and rumors of yet another cameo from Darth Vader suggest that Howard will be adding in more allusions to the original trilogy, a tactic that burdened Rogue One. Still, these rumors remain just rumors and until a proper trailer arrives, there’s no point in getting too worked up about any of this. This isn’t to say that I won’t still be getting worked up over this.

Here’s Howard’s tweet:

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