HANGOVER Writers Stick-Up Patrick Dempsey for Their Next Comedy

     November 4, 2009


“Hey!  The Hangover writers are writing a new movie!  And with ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ heart-throb, Patrick Dempsey?   It’s even got a wacky premise where Dempsey caught between two robberies that take place at the same bank at the same time who secretly plots to win the heart of a feisty bank teller! She’s feisty?  I’m going to stand in line for tickets TODAY!”

Slow down.  While Dempsey’s recent movies seem like an attempt to position him as American-Hugh Grant, my major concern is with “Hangover” “screenwriters” Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.  There’s been some controversy as to whether or not they were actually responsible for the film that ended up making over $450 million worldwide.  While the two did write the foundation of the story, director Todd Phillips and un-credited screenwriter Jeremy Garelick (“The Break-Up”), made substantial changes adding, according to Deadline, “the baby, the tiger, Mike Tyson, the gangster, the cop car, and more.”  But hey, maybe Lucas and Moore are funny on their own.  And they have American-Hugh Grant!  When the film starts shooting in April of next year, it’ll be like printing money. [ScreenDaily]

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