Creator Hannah Shakespeare Talks Development, Getting Picked Up, Making Changes Along the Way and More on the Set of ABC’s New Series, KILLER WOMEN

     January 3, 2014


As someone with a soft spot for action and tough female leads, the moment Hannah Shakespeare’s agent suggested she take on Killer Women, there was no discussion necessary; Shakespeare was in.  After going off to develop the narrative on her own, Shakespeare came back with a show centering on Molly Parker (Tricia Helfer), a female Texas Ranger. Even though Molly is clearly capable and a major asset as someone with the ability to understand why women kill, she’s still striving to prove herself in the male-dominated profession. Hit the jump for more.  The Killer Women season premiere will air on ABC on Tuesday, January 7th at 10/9c.

While in between scenes on the show’s Albuquerque, New Mexico set, Shakespeare sat down with Collider to run through how this opportunity landed in her lap, her passion for Westerns, the show’s connection to the Argentinian version (or lack thereof), the need to make changes after the show was picked up, the long lost wild boar and more. Catch it all in the video interview below.

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