HANNIBAL Renewed For A Second Season; NBC Gives Stylish Drama 13 More Episodes

     May 30, 2013


Hannibal fans, our time has come: after a cruelly long wait, NBC finally gave official word that their exceptional drama will return for 13 episodes next year.  However, the second season will not air before midseason (showing further signs of hesitation? Or just the realities of filming schedules?)

The Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) helmed series has gotten a decent push from the network during its freshman season, but has been up against veteran Thursday night anchors like Scandal, as well as popular new series like Elementary, potentially diminishing viewing numbers that might otherwise be robust.  Hit the jump for more about the ratings, and NBC’s commitment to the series.  Hannibal stars Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelson, Caroline Dhavernas and Laurence Fishburne.

NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke said of Hannibal,

“We’re so proud of Bryan’s vision for a show that is richly textured, psychologically complex, and very compelling. There are many great stories still to be told.”

Hannibal‘s numbers aren’t great for a broadcast drama, but it does skew towards a desirable younger age range (relatively speaking; the median age being 45.7 … which in broadcast terms is apparently spry).  It also attracts, apparently, a wealthy audience (of foodies?), another key demographic for advertisers.

Bottom line, I’m ecstatic that NBC wised-up and gave the drama another season.  Don’t stop campaigning, though!  And if you haven’t started watching, get on it.  It’s one of the best, most stunningly filmed (though not for the weak-stomached) works this year.

Hannibal airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on NBC