First Look at Joe Anderson as Mason Verger in HANNIBAL: Season 3

     December 22, 2014


Last week, we reported that Joe Anderson was replacing Michael Pitt to play Mason Verger in Hannibal: Season 3. This was understandably met with some disappointment since Pitt was terrific as Verger, who perfectly played to the show’s utter lunacy. How crazy was Verger? He drank a child’s tears. That happened on a network TV show. How are you not watching Hannibal?!?!

While Pitt will be missed, I’m excited to see what Anderson will bring to the role. He’s a fine actor, and considering when we last saw Verger in season two, now is the ideal time to bring in a new actor, especially since the psychopath will look somewhat different after eating his own face. (THIS SHOW IS ON NBC.) Anderson has been Instagramming some photos of his gruesome visage, and you can check out his Hannibal: Season 3 images after the jump.

This first photo was Instagrammed and taken down by Anderson, but Variety managed to snag it before it was removed.