HANNIBAL Season 3 Casts Broadway Actress Nina Arianda as a Love Interest for Will Graham

     January 21, 2015


Last week, news broke that The Hobbit‘s Richard Armitage would be joining NBC’s gorgeous and hauntingly directed Hannibal in the multi-episode role of a killer known as “The Tooth Fairy.”  This week, even more surprising news: Hannibal has cast not another killer, but a love interest for Will Graham (Hugh Dancy).  Tony winner Nina Arianda (30 Rock) has starred on Broadway with Dancy before in Venus in Furs, and will — like Armitage — play a recurring character.  Proceed with caution, though: major spoilers ahead for Hannibal Season 3, and the role Arianda will be playing. 

hannibal-season-3-hugh-dancy-mads-mikkelsenAs Fannibals know, love is a funny thing on Hannibal.  It’s rarely romantic in nature.  Instead, you might say that Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) loves to cook exotic, elaborate meals that often include human flesh.  He also loves tormenting Will Graham.  Will loves thinking he’s pulling on over on Hannibal (but we all know Hannibal is always the one pulling the strings).  And if you’re into reading slashfic on Tumblr, well …

True romance, though, is a new addition to the show’s formula.

Also, of course, Hannibal needs more women to torture and kill off after running through most of the current cast last season.

According to TVLineHannibal‘s third season will jump forward in time, finding Will married to Arianda’s character Molly (I hope she loves dogs!)

Single mom Molly is described as a strong, vibrant thirtysomething who is not only unperturbed by her husband’s dark and occasionally tortured past — but has worked to help him overcome it. She “understands that Will is a good man, and her love has allowed him to rebuild himself. But when Will is asked to return to the FBI, she also urges him to try and save lives, knowing what risks this entails.”

Risks like she will probably not live through the season.

But, it will be awhile before fans can find out, since sadly, Hannibal will not be returning until summertime to serve up its next course.  In the meantime, Collider will be posting as many appetizers as we can find.