‘Hannibal’ Season 4 Would Have Returned to First Season in an “Unexpected” Way

     January 9, 2016


Fannibals, though Hannibal has seemingly come to a close, I still can’t let the flame of hope die. And it’s some consolation that Hugh Dancy won’t, either. In an interesting subversion of his Will Graham character, Dancy is playing a cult leader in the upcoming Hulu series The Path, but he also was happy to talk about Hannibal, as well as what show creator Bryan Fuller has in mind for the potential continuation of the story:

“Bryan [Fuller] pitched it to me … well, he, described to me in an overview with what he wanted to do with the 4th season, had there been an interest, and it was really fantastic. It was a complete restart, without describing it — because who knows, God knows, maybe some way we may be able to do it in the future — but it took us back to the first season in a very unexpected way, and made total sense of that cliffhanger ending; it seemed justified. It was born out of a part of one of the books so it was still coming out of that universe, but it wasn’t the Clarice / Silence of the Lambs storyline.”


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When I asked specifically if there would be a chance to explore that story, Dancy admitted,“I just think if I keep saying that it will happen!” We hear you, Hugh. He also mentioned that when it came down to who might have been close to picking it up,

“Honestly, the fans were better informed than I was about a lot of stuff, but all I can say is that Bryan is very busy, Mads is busy, I’m busy right now, but I know that all of us would happily come back in the future.”

As for whether or not the story could be continued in movie form,

“The answer is I don’t know. I think we’d all be happy to return in some capacity, and the idea of a movie is really interesting. Obviously, one of the things that we did with the show, that Bryan did really, was very languorous, very image-rich storytelling, so how to fit that into a movie, I’m not sure. But the version of the season he described to me … I just know I’d like for it to happen.”

So would we, so would we.

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