First Poster and New Info on HANSEL AND GRETEL IN 3D from Michael Bay’s The Institute and Kalliope Films

     July 19, 2010


Kalliope Films and The Institute (co-founded by Michael Bay) have unveiled the first teaser poster/promotional photo for their 3D adaptation of Hansel and Gretel, the classic fairytale from the Brothers Grimm.  As you may recall from your childhood, the Grimm tale follows the sibling team of Hansel and Gretel as they get lost in the woods and stumble upon a house made of candy.  And you know what they say: when things seems too good to be true, it’s probably the work of a witch who likes to eat children.

The film is set for a live-action spring 2011 shoot on location in Germany.  Joseph C. Pepe, the lead character designer from Avatar, is spearheading the design of the “Teutonic beings” of German mythology; Scott Gardenhour (Pearl Harbor) and Kira Madallo Sesay are credited as producers.  Hit the jump to check out the ominous artwork in high resolution alongside the official announcement.


The Grimm Brothers’ world famous duo Hansel and Gretel are heading to the big screen in 3D!

LOS ANGELES, CA (JULY 19TH, 2010) “Hansel and Gretel in 3D” is an action packed visual FX filled version of the classic Grimm Brothers’ fairytale.  In addition to the infamous witch in the gingerbread house, the film showcases the legendary creatures of German mythology. These Teutonic beings will be designed by Joseph C. Pepe, the lead character designer from Avatar.  The film is live action.

The movie is being produced by The Institute and Kalliope Films.  The Institute was co-founded by Michael Bay and Scott Gardenhour.  Kalliope Films was founded by Kira Madallo Sesay. The movie is scheduled for a spring 2011 shoot on location in Germany.  Scott Gardenhour and Kira Madallo Sesay are the producers on the film.  “Hansel and Gretel in 3D” exemplifies The Institute’s motto:  “Where Brand Science Meets Great Storytelling.”

About The Institute:
The Institute is a multi platform media company that integrates exceptional creativity with brand marketing discipline to produce the best in entertainment.

Their unique model employs consumer engagement, marketing, production, financing, and distribution, resulting in marketing and entertainment products that correspond with consumer demand. No matter the length, medium, or format, The Institute generates innovative content to connect with consumers and audiences, create efficiencies, and, ultimately, drive profits.

Founded in 2001 by Scott Gardenhour and Michael Bay, The Institute boasts an interdisciplinary team of creative thinkers who develop engaging and entertaining content for film, television, commercials, the web, apps, games, and beyond. Gardenhour and Bay’s extensive and award-winning experience has guided The Institute’s creation of effective marketing & multi-media productions for brand leaders such as Audi, Nike, Hallmark, Burger King, Wal-Mart, Toshiba, Chase Bank, LG, AT&T. Our creative teams have produced and/or directed big screen blockbusters such as “Pearl Harbor,” “Armageddon,” “Coyote Ugly,” “Jumper,” “Transformers,” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.” In 2006, The Institute earned the coveted Emmy Award for “Required Reading,” a groundbreaking long-format commercial produced for Hallmark.

About Kalliope Films: Kalliope Films is a film production company founded by Kira Madallo Sesay.  The company’s mission is to produce high quality, entertaining and profitable feature films of varying genres for an international audience. It is a forward thinking group, which enthusiastically embraces new media technology. Kalliope Films recognizes the importance of keeping up with the constantly evolving world of film production in the new millennium. Always open to new ideas and collaborations, the company works in conjunction with various international co-producers. Kalliope Films has offices in Europe and the US.


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