‘Hap & Leonard: The Two-Bear Mambo’ Teaser Trailer Reveals the Raucous Fight for Grovetown

     January 27, 2018


There’s too much TV. It’s just that simple. At this point, only the greatest and most satisfying of series are worth following through to the end of any given season, and perfectly good and rewarding series usually have to be abandoned to make room for the stuff you’re actually driven to return to. That’s how a show like Sundance’s electric Hap & Leonard gets underplayed in an asses-to-elbows-crowded marketplace that must now contend with a growing, even more sophisticated swell of excellent programming from streaming sites.


Image via SundanceTV

Hap & Leonard is one of those shows that’s limited enough to knock out over a stormy weekend, only now preparing to premiere its third season in early March. Up to now, we only got to see stills and images from the third season, named Hap & Leonard: The Two-Bear Mambo, but last night brought us a teaser trailer for the the new season, which will see James Purefoy and Michael K. Williams facing off with a gang of white supremacists in Grovetown.

Alongside Purefoy and Williams, the new season will also star Louis Gossett Jr. (Roots), Corbin Bernsen (Psych), Andrew Dice Clay (Blue Jasmine), Laura Allen (American Horror Story: Cult) and musician Curtis Harding. The new teaser trailer for The Two-Bear Mambo can be seen right below with many of these faces briefly gleaned, and the show has an ironclad reputation for pushing great character actors to go full-pulp with their performances, as it did with Jimmi Simpson, Brian Dennehy, Irma P. Hall, and Christina Hendricks. We’ll see how the new flock does in the new season when the series premieres on Sundance TV on March 7th.

Here’s the 30-second trailer for Hap & Leonard: The Two-Bear Mambo: