September 1, 2010


New images from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I and Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch have gone online.  One of the Harry Potter images shows Bill Nighy as Minister of Magic Rufus Scrimgeour and another shot has Remus Lupin getting all up in The-Boy-Who-Lived’s grill.

The image from Sucker Punch has a dragon fighting a plane.  I don’t really think that needs any elaboration.  Hit the jump to check out both images.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint.  It opens on November 19th.  Sucker Punch stars Emily Browning, Carla Gugino, Vanessa Hudgens, Jena Malone, and Jon Hamm.  It’s slated to open on March 25, 2011.

Images via Empire.



Here’s the official synopsis:

Part 1 begins as Harry, Ron and Hermione set out on their perilous mission to track down and destroy the secret to Voldemort’s immortality and destruction—the Horcruxes. On their own, without the guidance of their professors or the protection of Professor Dumbledore, the three friends must now rely on one another more than ever. But there are Dark Forces in their midst that threaten to tear them apart.

Meanwhile, the wizarding world has become a dangerous place for all enemies of the Dark Lord. The long-feared war has begun and Voldemort’s Death Eaters seize control of the Ministry of Magic and even Hogwarts, terrorizing and arresting anyone who might oppose them. But the one prize they still seek is the one most valuable to Voldemort: Harry Potter. The Chosen One has become the hunted one as the Death Eaters search for Harry with orders to bring him to Voldemort…alive.

Harry’s only hope is to find the Horcruxes before Voldemort finds him. But as he searches for clues, he uncovers an old and almost forgotten tale—the legend of the Deathly Hallows. And if the legend turns out to be true, it could give Voldemort the ultimate power he seeks.

Little does Harry know that his future has already been decided by his past when, on that fateful day, he became “the Boy Who Lived.” No longer just a boy, Harry Potter is drawing ever closer to the task for which he has been preparing since the day he first stepped into Hogwarts: the ultimate battle with Voldemort.

Image via the official website of Cruel and Unusual Films (Snyder’s production company).


Here’s a brief synopsis:

“Sucker Punch” is an epic action fantasy that takes us into the vivid imagination of a young girl whose dream world provides the ultimate escape from her darker reality. Unrestrained by the boundaries of time and place, she is free to go where her mind takes her, but her incredible adventures blur the lines between what’s real and what is imaginary… with potentially tragic consequences.

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