Over 30 Pics from the New HARRY POTTER Platform 9 3/4 Shop at Kings Cross Station in London

     January 4, 2013


If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you know Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station in London is extremely important to young wizards, as that’s where one departs for Hogwarts via the Hogwarts Express.  In response to the worldwide popularity of Harry Potter, years ago Kings Cross installed an actual 9 3/4 sign and a half trolley lodged in a wall so fans could visit the station and take fun pictures.  However, with the station doing a massive renovation over the past few years, they just opened a new Harry Potter themed shop near the Platform 9 3/4 sign that’s loaded with Potter paraphernalia.  Since I’m in London right now, I decided to check out the shop and take a bunch of pictures.  Hit the jump to check them out.

As you might imagine, with the shop just opening and the holiday buying season wrapping up, the shop’s been hit pretty hard.  Nevertheless, they still had plenty of wands, Quidditch jerseys, stuffed owls, Marauder’s Maps, posters, jewelry, books, and a number of miscellaneous items.  If you’re in the area it’s worth checking out, but The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando definitely has a bigger selection (click here for tons of pics).

Finally, I also visited The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour earlier today, so look for a huge recap of that tour soon with hundreds of pictures.

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