Unlimited Paper #1: Includes HARRY POTTER, PORTAL, DRIVE and INSIDIOUS Prints

     July 3, 2012


For the past month, we’ve been running a new column here at Collider.com called Limited Paper , and—thus far—it’s been a smashing success:  we’ve received shout-outs from a number of artists, galleries, and dealers within the poster community, we’ve showcased a ton of awesome prints, and we’ve seen our readership continue to grow with each passing installment.  But occasionally, our esteemed readership has pointed out that—for as awesome as the screenprints presented in Limited Paper are—they’re usually sold out by the time we show ‘em to you.   Depending on how badly you want those prints, that could be a problem.  Luckily, we’ve got a solution:  Unlimited Paper.  Meet me after the jump for links to some super-cool screenprints that you can buy…right now.

Mondo-The-Thing-Screenprint-Drew-StruzanThe concept behind Limited Paper—coverage regarding limited-edition screenprints and the poster-collecting community—is simple; it’s also proved to be a popular concept, and all of us here at Collider HQ have been really jazzed to discover that so many of you are as excited about these fancy-shmancy pieces of paper as we are. The poster-collecting community’s growing by the day, and (with so many kick-ass, limited edition screenprints popping up each week) it’s easy to see why.

The thing about limited-edition collectibles is that they have a habit of selling out quickly.  Take, for instance, the Drew Struzan screenprints for The Thing that Mondo dropped online last week.  Despite the unusually-high (but worth-every-penny) $250 price point, the Thing prints Mondo released online sold out in a matter of seconds…leading to a whole bunch of collectors (many of them Limited Paper readers) being forced to comb the secondary market in order to get their Struzan fix.  This isn’t unusual—Mondo prints sell out every week—but the almost-immediate sell-out of the Struzan Thing screenprints perfectly illustrates just how popular these super-rare pieces of paper have become.

Obviously, this is all part of the collecting game:  sometimes you’re able to score the prints you need, sometimes you can’t (I’ll never forget missing out during Mondo’s online drop for Martin Ansin’s Thor…nor will I forget the $400 I spent rage-purchasing a variant on eBay moments later).  But after conferring with some of the other members of the Collider team—and especially after coming across some awesome open-edition prints currently being sold online—we figured that Limited Paper could use a bouncing baby brother, something that’d be more focused on screenprints that anyone can buy.  Specifically?  Open edition prints.

We’re calling Limited Paper’s new sibling Unlimited Paper (we’re not that creative), and that’s precisely what we’re here to talk about today:  open edition screenprints based on movies that you can own right this very minute, with zero concern whatsoever as to whether or not they’ve already “sold out”.   Let’s get started.


Before we go on, let’s define “open edition” for those that might not be familiar:  whereas most screenprints sold by Mondo, Gallery1988, and the like are limited edition—there are only, say, 300 of them, and once those’re sold out there’s nothing left to buy—an “open edition” screenprint is one that’s printed as-needed:  if the print’s edition is open-ended, it can be purchased for as long as a retailer is offering it.  Sometimes, “open edition” prints will be offered in different sizes.  Sometimes not.  All depends on the whims of the retailer behind that print.

In some cases, retailers will offer pre-sales on a print, and print however many prints that sell while the pre-sale’s taking place (see also:  Rhys Cooper’s ongoing Game of Thrones banner series, which we’ve focused on here before).  In other cases (such as the Drive/Insidious Kickstarter campaign we’re going to address in a moment), prints will be pre-sold to fund the manufacturing/printing of said prints.  All that make sense?  Good.  Let’s look at some of these kinda prints right now.


The first few Unlimited Paper pieces we’re going to look at today come to us from Society6.com, a website that…well, let’s let Society6 speak for itself.  Here’s what they have to say about their site on their “About” page:

The artwork on Society6 is created by thousands of artists from around the world. When you buy a product from Society6, we produce it using only the highest quality materials, and ship it to you on behalf of the artist.

Simple enough, right?  Over at Society6, there are a ton of open-edition prints awaiting your purchase, but a few of them in particular caught our eye here at Limited Paper HQ.  Let’s start with this series of prints from an artist going by the name “Hobbs”.

Each one of these is an open-edition print from a series built around the wands—and the characters that wield them—in Warner Bros.’ Harry Potter series, and via Society6.com you can get them in a variety of sizes (and for a variety of prices).   Each of the prints printed below can be purchased as:

  • Mini (5”x10”) edition, $15.20
  • Small (9”x19”) edition, $18.60
  • Medium (12”x23”) edition,  $30.80
  • Large (14”x28”) edition, $45.00
  • Extra Large (19”x40”) edition, $60.60

Here’s what they look like:


Pretty snazzy prints, no?  You get to pick the size, you get to pick whichever one you want.  Want an entire set of 14×28”?  You can pick ‘em up right now for $180.00 plus shipping.  Want four mini-prints to hang in your pantry?  That’s gonna run you a cool $61 (or so) plus shipping (but why the hell are you hanging wand prints in your pantry?).  You get the idea.

Oh!  And if you’re more of a superhero-lover than a Harry Potter fan, the same artist has the piece below available at the same site—in the following sizes—at this link:

  • Mini (9×18”) edition,  $12.48
  • Small (14×13”) edition, $15.60
  • Medium (19×17”) edition, $20.80
  • Large (24×22”) edition, $26
  • Extra Large (31×28”), $41.60


You can swing by Society6.com right now and check out some of their other cool screenprints (they’ve got non-screenprint stuff available, too, but this being an Unlimited Paper column….well, we’ll leave that stuff for you to discover).   It appears that the site adds new stuff all the time, too, so be sure to check in frequently:  who knows what you might find over there?

Now, let’s move on to something—at the same site, mind you– that we don’t see nearly as often as I’d like:  a video game-related screenprint.    This one comes to us from an artist by the name of Ian Wilding, and immortalizes one of the greatest video game franchises ever created:  Portal (for those not in the know, Portal is a clever, hilarious, gorgeously-rendered puzzle game released by Valve Software, and anyone who’s never played Portal 2 has a very sad life, indeed).  The print below is available in the following sizes/prices (click here to buy):

  • Mini (8×10”) edition, $17
  • Small (13×17”) edition, $20
  • Medium (17×22”) edition, $26
  • Large (22×28”) edition, $31
  • Extra Large (28×36”) edition, $47


Now that, my friends, is something I’d be proud to hang on my wall.  And if I weren’t desperately attempting to save every last dollar I can get my hands on in anticipation of the poster-orgy that’s about to be unleashed at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con, I’d order the biggest version of this that Wilding’s offering:  that’s a damn fine print, indeed.   Looks a bit like a Moss, no?

Continued on Page 2 with info on a Kickstarter Campaign for DRIVE and INSIDIOUS PRINTS


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