Harry Potter Weekend Coming to Syfy and USA with Regular Marathons [Updated]

     May 18, 2018

harry potter and the sorcerers stone

[Update: We’ve confirmed that once the Harry Potter films start airing on Syfy and USA, they will no longer be available to stream or watch VOD on HBO. The updated story follows below.]

If you’re were a fan of sitting back on the weekends and catching the Harry Potter marathons on ABC Family and then Freeform, you’ll be happy to hear the films are coming back to cable TV. Freeform’s “Harry Potter Weekend” came to an end last year as the basic cable rights to the lucrative film franchise shifted from Disney to NBCUniversal, with the new owner then licensing the streaming rights to HBO. That pay cable network marked the occasion with a Harry Potter marathon of its own in January, and all eight Harry Potter movies are available to stream on demand on HBO Go and HBO Now, but now the films are returning to basic cable.

IGN broke the news that a “Wizarding Weekend” marathon will be kicking off this summer on NBCUniversal-owned Syfy and USA, as it appears the moniker of “Harry Potter Weekend” is dead and gone now that the films are no longer on Freeform. This should be welcome news to those that don’t own the movies but enjoy watching the marathons on TV, or those that do own the movies but still find it comforting to have the Potter marathons on in the background during a relaxing weekend (I’m in the latter camp).

A specific date for the marathon has yet to be announced, but IGN does have an exclusive trailer celebrating the exclusive on-air home for the franchise. For now, the Potter films are still streaming on HBO, but a representative for NBCUniversal tells Collider that HBO will not be able to stream the Harry Potter films once the rights transfer this summer and the Syfy and USA marathons begin, which could be as soon as the end of June. So enjoy the Potter movies on HBO while they last—that window won’t be open for long.

Regardless, this is very good news. Check out the trailer below.