Have you ever wanted to know what Guillermo Del Toro has in his house?

     November 12, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Last night Universal Home Video held a pretty nice party at the club Element (in Hollywood) to showcase their upcoming “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army” Blu-ray release.

While I haven’t watched the Blu-ray yet…based on what they showed us tonight, the disc is omfg. I mean it’s absolutely loaded with extras and tons of informative bits that show you how the special effects were done, how they made everything look so real, and I think by just watching this Blu-ray you could make your own Hellboy movie.

In the coming days Dellamorte will have a full review…but I can tell you right now it’s absolutely worth owning. Not only because the movie is good, but due to how much time and effort went into this Blu-ray.

Anyway, to help promote the upcoming release, Universal had a red carpet at the event and I was able to do a lot of interviews.

While I’ve already posted the Jeffrey Tambor, Selma Blair/Mike Mignola, Doug JonesandProducer Mike Richardson interviews, the one below is with Guillermo Del Toro.

While everyone else on the red carpet asked about “Hellboy 3” and “The Hobbit”, I decided to go with a different line of questioning.

My friend Chris told me that Guillermo bought a second house just to store all his collectibles…so that’s what I asked about. And if you’re a fan of collecting memorabilia…..this will make you beyond envious. Trust me.

Guillermo Del Toro

· Since everyone was going to ask him about Hellboy 2 and The Hobbit…I decided to go a different route…I asked him about his second home and his huge collection of geeky memorabilia!

· Says it has a secret passage

· A haunted mansion room

· A library just for art books

· A library just for comic books

· A library just for horror books

· Collectibles are everywhere

· props from all his movies

· art by tons of amazing people

· original production designs

· We talk about how a fire almost destroyed everything

· He talks about the rarest items he has – says he has a book from the 18th century that’s one of the oldest on vampires and ghosts

  • Talks about a Miyazaki maquette that he has
  • He was just in Japan, I ask what he bought – says he bought 3 suitcases of stuff

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