Hayden Panettiere and Nikki Reed to Star in DOWNERS GROVE; Script by Bret Easton Ellis

     November 7, 2010


Hayden Panettiere (Heroes), and Nikki Reed (Twilight), have agreed to star in the Bret Easton Ellis scripted Downers Grove. Based on a novel by Michael Hornberg, the story, per the Hollywood Reporter, is about a high school student (Pannetierre) who fears she may be the next victim in a series of murders targeted at graduating seniors. The film, to be directed by Nelson McCormick (who helmed the remake of Prom Night and somehow made it worse than the original), will more than likely feature teenagers in various stages of existential crises who, in an attempt to suppress and quell the emptiness inside, turn to drugs and drinks and sex and extravagant spending and sports and makeup and pills and commercial entertainments and well, anything and everything – as is par for the course with all of Ellis’s writings (see: Less than Zero or The Informers or The Rules of Attraction or Imperial Bedrooms for proof on said matter; and by see – I mean read, as the books are all of superior quality to the movies).

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