‘He-Man’ Movie Gets Rewrite from ‘Thor 3’ Writer Christopher Yost

     August 19, 2015


Christopher Yost has the power! The screenwriter who cut his teeth on numerous animated superhero TV series will step up to Sony Pictures and Escape Artists’ Masters of the Universe reboot. Terry Rossio and Jeff Wadlow previously took cracks at the He-Man script, but Yost will now do a rewrite on the adventure epic that takes place on the fictional planet of Eternia.

Variety broke the news that Yost is handling scripting duties for Masters of the Universe, which makes this only his third feature film to date. He’s been an active writer in the TV world since 2005, turning in work for X-Men: Evolution, The Batman, two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, and more shows set in the Marvel comics universe. It’s that Marvel experience that helped land him a screenwriting job on Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor: The Dark World. Yost then pivoted that position into a return to the writer’s chair for Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok, which he’ll script alongside his fellow TV series writer, Craig Kyle. Yost also has script credits for Stewart Hendler’s Max Steel, which is in post-production but doesn’t yet have a release date.

masters-of-the-universe-posterAs for the Masters of the Universe reboot itself, not too much is known about the plot beyond what the franchise’s animated and cinematic adventures of the past have shown us already. The story centers around Prince Adam, a capable warrior who becomes superpowered when he uses his mystical sword to transform into He-Man. He defends the realm against the villainous Skeletor, who seeks to conquer the mysterious fortress known as Castle Grayskull in order to learn its ancient secrets hidden away inside.

Unfortunately, the project has yet to find a director to replace Jon M. Chu, who vacated the director’s chair due to scheduling conflicts. So while Yost’s involvement is at least promising that the reboot is still going forward, I wouldn’t expect much progress until the final draft is turned in and Sony finds it to their liking. In the meantime, feel free to share your casting wishlists in the comments below!

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