Trailer for HEAD GAMES, the New Film from HOOP DREAMS Director Steve James

     August 1, 2012


Steve James, who previously directed the brilliant sports documentary Hoop Dreams along with last year’s critically acclaimed doc The Interrupters, has returned to the sports world to explore the serious issue of concussions in Head Games.  It’s an issue that has recently jumped to the forefront of sports discussions as more athletes suffer the injury that can lead to not only permanent brain damage, but in some cases, suicide.  Of course, no one is willing to simply shut down all contact sports, so what’s the solution?  Do we stop kids from playing?  Should other sports follow the NFL’s lead when it comes to fining certain kinds of hits (although there’s no penalty for sending a concussed player back on to the field; just ask Colt McCoy)?  It’s a rich topic, and James has proven time and again that he has the tools to explore it thoughtfully.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.    The film will have a limited release in September, but people who want to see the film can try to put together a screening through Tugg.

Via TOH.

Here’s the official synopsis for Head Games:

From acclaimed director Steve James (Academy Award-nominated Hoop Dreams, The Interrupters), HEAD GAMES is a revealing documentary about the concussion crisis in American sports. Fueled by the “give everything on the field” culture so prominent in American sport, the long-term effects of this silent epidemic are only recently coming to light. HEAD GAMES goes straight to the source, with athletes from the professional to the youth levels sharing their personal struggles in dealing with the devastating aftermath of their injuries, and asking the question: “How much of you are you willing to lose for a game?”



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