‘Headshot’ Trailer: Iko Uwais Remembers His Past and Beats Up Everyone

     February 2, 2017


If you need some bone-crunching, blood-splattering martial arts action this spring, Headshot has you covered. XYZ Films and Vertical Entertainment have released the trailer for the film, which stars Iko Uwais (The Raid) as a man with amnesia who must track down and fight his former associates in order to rescue the woman he loves.

It’s a fairly straightforward premise, and while the film is nowhere near as as good as The Raid films (click here for my review from TIFF), I still want to see Uwais succeed. His martial arts abilities are insane, and the more people who see his films, the more likely he is to get cast in bigger, more interesting movies.

As for this trailer, it’s not too bad.  It doesn’t give away anything major from the plot (although, to be honest, it’s not like Headshot is a plot-driven film; it’s driven by Uwais beating the crap out of bad guys), and should get people interested.  That being said, don’t go into this one expecting something as good as The Raid.  That’s a really high bar to clear.

Check out the Headshot trailer below. The film opens March 3rd and also stars Julie Estelle and Chelsea Islan.

Here’s the official synopsis for Headshot:

HEADSHOT centers on a mysterious young man, who, after months in a coma from a gunshot wound to the head is nursed back to health by a young student-doctor, Ailin. Realizing that the man has lost his memory and identity, the two quickly grow closer; not realizing that behind their momentary peace lays danger. Soon their lives collide with a gang of dangerous criminals led by an enigmatic crime lord – and with every violent confrontation, his memory brings him closer to a dark truth as the lethal personality awakening within him starts to reveal who he really is.


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