THE HEBREW HAMMER Will Team Up with Jesus to Battle Hitler in THE HEBREW HAMMER VS HITLER

     January 7, 2013


Back in 2003, Mordechai Jefferson Carver (Adam Goldberg) took on the nefarious plan of Damian Claus (Andy Dick), the evil Gentile son of Santa Claus who sought to destroy Hanukkah (and Kwanzaa) in order to claim December for Christians as a Christmas-only month.  Ten years later, The Hebrew Hammer has plans to return in order to take on an even greater threat to the Chosen People: Hitler himself.  Goldberg will return in the appropriately titled The Hebrew Hammer vs Hitler, along with Judy Greer, who plays his wife, Esther Bloomenbergensteinenthal.  Hit the jump to see what Goldberg had to say about the project.

Our attention was drawn to The Hebrew Hammer sequel thanks to a post on Yahoo!  After the first movie, which was a box office failure that became a cult classic, fans banded together to fund the crowd-sourced sequel.  The picture will find the Hammer teaming up with Jesus in a time-traveling adventure to put the kibosh on Hitler.  Here’s what Goldberg had to say about the film:

“It didn’t seem the sort of franchise where you wouldn’t want to see [the hero] take on one Jewish holiday after another….You want to see him go after the big one. Who’s the Jewish Joker? Hitler. It’s implicit that if we are going to take on Hitler, there’s a time-travel element, so once that widened the scope infinitely, I thought it was important that we hook up with the other big Jew in history: Jesus.”

Goldberg went on to comment on the film as not just a comedy, but as an intended shake up to conventional stereotypes:

“[P]eople feel like they can take the piss out of other Jews because there is a built-in sort of self-loathing or self-effacement at best I think Jewish people feel, and they can say things like ‘nice Jewish boy’ without it seeming derisive, but I happen to find those things derisive.”

The sequel plans to start production this spring.  Check out the trailer for the original film below:


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