15 Images of HELLBOY Posters, Prints, and More on Display at Hero Complex Gallery

     May 1, 2014


Work from over 100 artists will be on display at the upcoming Hero Complex Gallery show.  What’s the inspiration?  None other than Mike Mignola’s Hellboy universe, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.  The official art show will take place Friday, May 2nd from 7p to 10p.  It looks like there’s something for everyone to enjoy here, from prints to posters, sculptures and more.  Hit the jump for a sample of the Hellboy posters, prints, and more on display at the Hero Complex Gallery.

Enjoy the following Hellboy inspirations, and head over to Hero Complex Gallery’s Facebook page and website for more info:

Hero-Complex-Gallery-Hellboy-Adolfo-Torino-Nunez Hero-Complex-Gallery-Hellboy-Jonathan-Bergeron Hero-Complex-Gallery-Hellboy-Augie-Pagan Hero-Complex-Gallery-Hellboy-Eric-Lacombe Hero-Complex-Gallery-Hellboy-Mitch-Spacesick Hero-Complex-Gallery-Hellboy-Nicole-Gustaffson Hero-Complex-Gallery-Hellboy-Rick-Dienzo-Blanco Hero-Complex-Gallery-Hellboy-Isabel-Samaras Hero-Complex-Gallery-Hellboy-Edward-Kinsella Hero-Complex-Gallery-Hellboy-Jason-Chalker Hero-Complex-Gallery-Hellboy-Juan-Carlos-Ruiz Hero-Complex-Gallery-Hellboy-James-Groman Hero-Complex-Gallery-Hellboy-Ale-Giorgini Hero-Complex-Gallery-Hellboy-Drew Wise Hero-Complex-Gallery-Hellboy-Blain-Hefner



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