HELLBOY Producer Mike Richardson Exclusive Video Interview

     November 12, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Last night Universal Home Video held a pretty nice party at the club Element (in Hollywood) to showcase their upcoming “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army” Blu-ray release.

While I haven’t watched the Blu-ray yet…based on what they showed us tonight, the disc is omfg. I mean it’s absolutely loaded with extras and tons of informative bits that show you how the special effects were done, how they made everything look so real, and I think by just watching this Blu-ray you could make your own Hellboy movie.

In the coming days Dellamorte will have a full review…but I can tell you right now it’s absolutely worth owning. Not only because the movie is good, but due to how much time and effort went into this Blu-ray.

Anyway, to help promote the upcoming release, Universal had a red carpet at the event and I was able to do a lot of interviews.

While I’ve already posted the Jeffrey Tambor, Selma Blair/Mike Mignola and Doug Jones interviews, the one below is Hellboy Producer Mike Richardson.

While you may not know who Mike is, as the founder of Dark Horse comics he’s been involved in a lot of things fandom cares about.

And according to Mike, he’s about to be involved in a few upcoming film projects like the “Emily the Strange” movie, the sequel to “30 Days of Night” and “Damn Nation”. If you’re an “Emily the Strange” fan…he says an announcement is coming in the next week or so about the feature film!

Producer Mike Richardson

· Mike talks about all the challenges of making Hellboy 2

· Hellboy 3 talk

· Emily the Strange talk – he’s producing the movie adaptation and says an announcement is coming in the next week or two about the feature film. Says they’ll be announcing where they set the movie up (which studio).

· 30 Days of Night talk – he explains how he got involved in that movie and how the movie got made

· 30 Days of Night sequel talk – says writers are working on it right now

· Damn Nation talk – explains what it’s about.

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