Here’s Another Movie Called SUPERMAX But It Has No Green Arrow

     September 9, 2009


It’s been quite a while since anyone has heard anything about David Goyer’s Green Arrow prison break script, “Supermax”, so long in fact that Columbia Pictures has purchased a completely different script called “Supermax” from actor/writers Christopher Allen Nelson and Mitch Rouse. This time, the titular prison is a top secret facility designed to hold various monsters and supernatural beings. Sounds pretty damn cool to me. Hit the jump if you think so too.

Bloody Disgusting broke the news that the action/horror script has been acquired by Sony’s Columbia Pictures with production to begin in early 2010. While I’m generally wary about flicks with F/X gurus behind their inception ( Nelson has worked F/X on such flicks as “Sin City”, “Nightwatch”, “Return of the Living Dead II”, and “Bordello of Blood”), “AVP: Requiem” being my prime example of why with Stan Winston’s “Pumpkinhead” being the exception, I find some genuine interest in this flick. The idea of a new guard that’s forced to survive a literal monster prison riot has to be at the very least, entertaining. I’m really curious to see what kinds of monsters are being held, and the means used to imprison them, could be an incredible opportunity for creativity to run rampant on the part of the filmmakers. What kind of cell does a ghost have? How is a werewolf, who’s only a monster once a month, treated when he’s human? The possibilities are freaking mouthwatering. I know his name is thrown around a lot, and he’s busy for the next 50 billion goddamn years, but Guillermo del Toro would be absolutely perfect for this.

Perhaps as interesting is the implications this deal has for the future of Goyer’s long dormant Green Arrow “Supermax”. It’s a pretty safe bet that if this gets made, Goyer’s script is officially dead. Titles aside, the stories are pretty damn similar, with Goyer’s story focusing on a maximum security prison for supervillains with Green Arrow wrongly imprisoned there for murder and having to escape. Having read Goyer’s “Supermax”, I can say that I’m somewhat relieved that it’s very likely not getting made. As interesting an idea as it was, and god knows we’ve had enough origin stories, it just wasn’t a great script, and Green Arrow deserves better. Anyway, more updates on the new “Supermax” as we get them. Here’s hoping for a great, action packed, scary as hell flick.


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