Hero Complex Gallery Unveils “Arch Nemesis” Show Featuring Villain Art from Laurent Durieux, Craig Drake, and More

     May 25, 2013

Last night, Hero Complex Gallery opened their new show, “Arch Nemesis”, and the villains were out in force.  The walls were packed with a spectacular amount of art, from established artists such as Laurent Durieux and Craig Drake, to new artists like Tim Caballero and Lauren Morreale.  Check out pics from the show and find out how you can win a Durieux Peter Pan on wood after the jump.

While Laurent’s Peter Pan piece was a must have even before the doors opened, very few people were walking away with just one new thing for their wall.  In fact, I picked up an amazing mixed media piece from CHEF featuring a spray painted Joker, with GID inks, and real shredded and burned money.  A tiny edition of 5 and all were hand done!

With only a couple things selling out, there will plenty available for the online sale, today May 25th at 1pm PST, at www.HeroComplexGallery.com.  The art is quite limited so be sure to buy quickly!!  Plus, for every order over $100, you will have a chance to win one of Laurent Durieux’s Peter Pan on wood pieces!!

Here are pictures of everything in the show to help you decide what to pick up!

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