Limited Paper: Time to Play “Who Wants to Look at New Artwork From Hero Complex Gallery’s WEAPON OF CHOICE and Win a New Print by Laurent Durieux?”

     January 7, 2013

The end of 2012 has—mercifully—come and gone, taking with it all the Wal-Mart based tramplings and eggnog-soaked regrets of yet another holiday season.  December also marked the end of a banner year for the many collectors, artists, and galleries that make up the imaginary place we like to call “Poster World”:  as print-collecting grew in popularity, a record number of poster drops, gallery openings, and new artists popped up to meet demand.  One has to wonder if things will slow down for a breather in 2013. Not likely! We’re only a week into 2013 and already the good folks at Hero Complex Gallery are ready to unveil an impressive-looking new show.

That’s right:  on January 11th, Weapon of Choice will open at Hero Complex’s Los Angeles-based Gallery, and will feature new work from Laurent Durieux, Josh Budich, Ian Glaubinger, and a ton of other Limited Paper regulars.  Wanna win a free print from 2013’s first big showcase, find out what Weapon of Choice is all about, and see some of the exclusive images sent over by the Hero Complex Gallery guys?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting around Limited Paper HQ, staring at the ceiling and wondering when the first gallery show of 2013 might open.  Was January 1st at 12:01AM too much of a stretch?  Given the stunning number of showcases that we covered in 2012, it didn’t seem so…but surely the Gallery owners and artists that populate Poster World would give themselves a few weeks off to celebrate the holidays, right?  Eh, not so much:  it was moments later that Hero Complex Gallery got in touch to let us know about Weapon of Choice (opening January 11th).  Here’s how they described it to us:

The theme revolves around art inspired by prominent characters of fiction, historical reference, or pop culture, and their relationship with their iconic “weapon,” that one thing that is inextricably tied to their character. Perhaps their weapon is provocative like seduction, or stealth, or sex, or power. Or perhaps its that one item that brought them fame or dishonor, like Hendrix’ guitar, Lenny Bruce’s microphone, or a samurai’s final honorable act of seppuku.

But it could and should live in traditional weapons from pop culture and fictional influences too. It could be Hellboy wielding his mighty Right Fist of Doom, Slim Pickens as Major Kong riding The Bomb to oblivion in Dr. Strangelove, or the ending scene of Romeo and Juliet with the fateful poisoned dagger. Perhaps it’s Indiana Jones cracking his bullwhip, Peter Vincent warding off vampires with his cross in Fright Night, or Mad Max tearing down the ripped up desert asphalt in the last of the V-8 Interceptors.

This press release goes on for a little bit longer, but really, we’re all onboard at this point, right?  No reason to keep letting ‘em sell us on the idea?  I shouldn’t admit this publicly, but the truth is this:  if someone invokes Mad Max’s V-8 Interceptor—for whatever reason—chances are that I’m going to go along with whatever they’re pitching.  Could be an elaborate plot to travel through time and murder my ancestors:  if we’re taking the Interceptor to get to the Time Machine, I’d probably be OK with it.

So, we’re onboard with Weapon of Choice’s theme, but how about its art?  Let’s see what they’ve got on offer, starting with half a dozen images that are exclusive to Limited Paper (note: we’ve included all the available info—size, price, specialty inks, etc—that we have on these prints at this time):

  • Houdini’s Key by James Flames
  • Signed and Numbered
  • $30 regular edition of 60

  • Mr. Pointy by Meghan Stratman
  • Frame size: 12×16”
  • Art size: 5×9″
  • Collage based on Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • $310 original

  • Sarlacc Pit by AJ Masthay
  • Several Versions (including “psychedelic variants”)

  • Jabba’s Palace by AJ Masthay
  • Also comes in several versions

  • The Roar of Godzilla by Bruce White
  • 14×18”
  • Acrylic on Velvet
  • $600 original

  • Theda Bara by Malleus
  • 3-color screenprint with GID layer
  • Approximate edition of 80

And now, a few not-so-exclusive prints:

  • Victory by Darin Shock
  • Inspired by Entourage’s “Viking Quest”
  • $30 regular edition of 100

  • Sting The Orc Blade by Mark Lone
  • 12×24”
  • Glow-in-The-Dark edition of 60

  • The Shining by Trev Murphy
  • 18×24”

  • Conan The Barbarian by Josh Budich
  • 12×36”
  • Red Metallic Paper

Now then:  we’re about to get to today’s giveaway print, but first let’s look at two impressive variant editions of the poster we’re giving away:

  • Buck Rogers by Laurent Durieux
  • 24×36”
  • $75 Variant edition of 75
  • Glows-in-The-Dark (like a boss)

Aaand here’s a version of the glow-in-the-dark variant that’s been printed on maple wood (!!!):

  • Buck Rogers by Laurent Durieux
  • 24×36”
  • 2 being sold via charity auction on opening night
  • 1 available as a giveaway to one lucky attendee on opening night

And, finally, the regular edition of the Buck Rogers poster created by Laurent Durieux:

  • The Adventures of Buck Rogers (And His Ray Gun) by Laurent Durieux
  • 24×36”
  • $55 regular edition of 155

Alright, now that we’ve got those outta the way, let’s talk giveaways:  as I mentioned in the giveaway we announced over the weekend, Limited Paper’s kicking off 2013 by giving away a trio of awesome posters.  That first giveaway involved Alexander Iaccarino’s jaw-dropping Evangelion poster, and today we’re announcing the second:  a regular edition of Durieux’s Buck Rogers print—yes, that’s right:  the very one pictured above—that will be mailed to you directly by the fine folks at Hero Complex Gallery before the end of the month.

Whatta ya gotta do to win?  First, head on over to and make sure you’re following the official Limited Paper Twitter feed (that’s @LimitedPaper, if you’re just joining us).  Next, send an email to– not the official Limited Paper email account listed at the end of this article; there’s way too damn many people entering these days for me to shoulder that onslaught with my personal email account—containing your Twitter handle, your real name, and your address.  On Thursday at Midnight, a random winner will be selected from the pool of entries:  the email must include all 3 pieces of info—the person’s Twitter handle (which must be amongst @LimitedPaper “Followers”), their name, and their address—in order to win.  If the entry we pick doesn’t have all three of those things, it’ll get deleted with a vengeance.

Remember:  once @LimitedPaper hits 1,000 followers—a number we’re closing in on—we’ll do a Twitter-based contest/giveaway with something really cool as the “Grand Prize”, and we’ve still got one more giveaway to announce before we’ll consider 2013 officially “begun”.  If you failed to win this weekend’s Evangelion print, feel free to try your luck here…and on the next one…and the one after that if the third time’s not the charm.  And don’t forget, folks:  we’ll have more on Hero Complex’s Weapon of Choice once the show opens up on January 11th, so stay tuned.

Stay tuned for another giveaway—along with much, much more—in the near future, folks.  We’re headed into year two of Limited Paper here at, and after a triumphant first year we can’t wait to see where this weird-ass little hobby of ours takes us.  In the meantime: if you’re an artist or gallery with artwork you’d like to see featured on Limited Paper (or if you’re just some lucky bastard who happened to overhear a bit of poster-related gossip while standing in the bushes outside Martin Ansin’s house) we wanna hear from you!  Email Limited Paper directly at, and be sure that you’re following us on Twitter for ongoing commentary, news updates, giveaways, and more!

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