Over 60 Pictures from Hero Complex’s Weapon of Choice Gallery Show in Los Angeles

     January 12, 2013

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Last night, the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles premiered their new exhibition “Weapon of Choice” and it was loaded with cool artwork “inspired by prominent characters of fiction, historical reference, or pop culture, and their relationship with their iconic weapon.”   Last week, Scott wrote a preview of the exhibition in Limited Paper, but with the show opening, I decided to stop by and take pictures of everything on display and it’s definitely worth checking out.  In addition, later today Hero Complex will be “dropping” what’s still available on their website, so if you see something you like you can pick it up.  Keep in mind, everything for sale is very limited, so don’t wait too long to purchase.  Hit the jump for the pics.

Before getting to the artwork, here’s what Hero Complex wrote about the show:

The theme revolves around art inspired by prominent characters of fiction, historical reference, or pop culture, and their relationship with their iconic “weapon,” that one thing that is inextricably tied to their character. Perhaps their weapon is provocative like seduction, or stealth, or sex, or power. Or perhaps its that one item that brought them fame or dishonor, like Hendrix’ guitar, Lenny Bruce’s microphone, or a samurai’s final honorable act of seppuku.

But it could and should live in traditional weapons from pop culture and fictional influences too. It could be Hellboy wielding his mighty Right Fist of Doom, Slim Pickens as Major Kong riding The Bomb to oblivion in Dr. Strangelove, or the ending scene of Romeo and Juliet with the fateful poisoned dagger. Perhaps it’s Indiana Jones cracking his bullwhip, Alabama Worley’s final act of desperation with the corkscrew in True Romance, Peter Vincent warding off vampires with his cross in Fright Night, or Mad Max tearing down the ripped up desert asphalt in the last of the V-8 Interceptors.

Whatever the weapon of choice, the gauntlet has been thrown down and the artists have seized the challenge with some amazingly clever concepts. We’ve already seen a few of the artist previews and they are proving to be a testament of how exhilarating the variations of this theme can be.

And if you live in the L.A. area and want to see the art for yourself:

Design Matters
11527 Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

The complete list of artists and what they did are below the pics.

click on any picture for high res

And thanks to Adam Smasher from Hero Complex, here’s the complete list of artists:

Bladerunner gun – Jacob Staermose

“The End” (Dr. Strangelove) – Fernando “Fro” Reza

“Third Act” by Ben Thomas (Robots under “The End”)

“Vamp” by Malleus – GID Inks

“One Trick Pony” by Patrick Awa (inspired by the Wrestler)

Wall of stuff:

“No Fate” Terminator by James Griffiths

Halo Elite by Peter Gutierrez

“Mr. Pointy” Meghan Stratman

“Buster Sword” Final Fantasy Clint Wilson

“Love Gun” by Tim Jordan

“Tanto’s Tools” by Evanimal

“I Have the Power” He-man by Blain Hefner

“Victory” by Darin Shock

Casey Jones (TMNT) by Brett Parsons

“Buffy The Vampire Slayer Love at First Bite” by Brett Parsons

“Friendo” by Scott Belcastro

“Raphael’s Last Stand” (TMNT) WinterArtworks

“Let the Yeti Win” Scott Pilgrim – Augie Pagan

“Lennon Piece” by Mike Bell

(Buck Rogers)

“Faceoff” by aelhra

“Tongue” by Samuel Ho

“The Game Has Changed” (Tron Legacy) by Ian Glaubinger

“Sonicing and Entering” (Doctor Who) by Brandon Schaefer

Dinosaur Skulls by Ron Guyatt

“Rocket Punch” by Dan Matutina

“Go-go Gunner” by Valderrama

“That is Power” (Conan) by Joshua Budich

“Ice” and handbills by Tracie Ching

The Shining by Trev Murphy

“Let your mercy shine the air made thick by our cruelty” by Bjorn Bauer

Get Carter by Phillip Ellering

Craig Drakes

“The Roar of Godzilla” by Bruce White

“Your Move Creep” Matt Ferguson

“This Machine Slays Vampires” & “This Machine Dispatches Deadites” by Jason Brown

“Super Dope” (Nintendo Super Scope) by Jason Liwag

“Hattori Hanzo” by Ale Giorgini

Sherlock Holmes by Beery Method

“There Will Be Bwud” by JSalvador

Barbarella by Tim Jordan

From Dusk Til Dawn by Matt Needle

“Twin Peaks” by Edward Tuckwell (with metallic ink variant)

Many Clint Eastwoods by Eric Dyer

“The Zorg ZF-1” & “Zorg” by Cuyler Smith

(framed Eric Dyer Clints)

The Joker by Ali Castro

Lucy Liu prints by Sean D’anconia

“Defense of Wickus” by Dave Greco

“Two Zapper” by Armando Chainsawhands

“We Have Powerful Friends” and “The Great Pit of Carkoon” (Star Wars” by AJ Masthay

“Houdini’s Key” by James Flames

“White Lines” by Evanimal

Shaun of the Dead by Bruce Yan

(more Sean D’Anconia)

“LAPD 2019 Blaster) Bladerunner gun by Jakob Staermose

“I’m a Very Neat Monster” Dexter by Lastleaf Printing

“Wonka Weapon Chocolate” by Phillip Ellering

(more Sean D’Anconia)

“Spider 13” by Sean D’Anconia

“Smasher” by Blunt Graffix

Sweeney Todd by Nick Comparone

“Sting the Orc Blade” by Mark Lone

O-Ren by Sean D’Anconia

“The Half-dash Breed” Gogo Yubari Chain by Tessa Morrison

Gears of War weapons by Tim Anderson

Portal by Indy Lytle

“Blast ‘Em All” Han Solo Blaster by Bleeding Edges

Elli Pope & Jesse Rinyu

“Lafourcade II” by Justin Anville

Bruce Lee by Marie Bergeron

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