HEROES – Comic-Con 2008

     July 27, 2008

Written by Rachel

So, I’m actually sort of one of those fans. I mean, those fans. The kind who thinks too hard about all the plot points, who remembers all the episodes, and who, in fact, got up at 6 AM Saturday morning and sat in the epic line for the Heroes season 3 (or Villians) sneak peak. To give you a hint at how big this line was, the panel was being held in Hall H, and for those who have not gone to Comic Con before, imagine a room that can fit nearly 7,000 people in it. Now imagine that people had actually started to line up for this at midnight the night before. That’s how long this line was.

Thankfully, my semi-extreme level of geekiness worked out for me as I actually managed get in line early enough to actually get into Hall H and snag some really great seats for the panel, even with 3,000 people ahead of me. After sitting around for a while, talking with other fans and taking a short nap while the soundtrack of Heroes played in the hall (for those curious, from what I heard, it’s actually got a couple cool songs mixed in with some music composed for the show, it’s not bad at first glance I suppose). First up, once the hall dimmed and the screaming stopped, was an ad for a special event that NBC.com and Verison are putting together to choose the next star of a series of web based episodes for the Heroes online site. You can choose between a female hero and a male one. Check it out at www.nbc.com/Heroes/create_your_hero.

After that they showed the finale of the web-based miniseries the Heroes website had been playing over the last couple of weeks called “Going Postal.” The web-series itself, written by Yule Caise and Jim Martin, and directed by Yule Caise was actually pretty interesting considering it was three episodes, all about 3 minutes in length, telling the back story of one of the future villains of the show. Perhaps it was a taste of what Heroes: Origins was going (or hopefully, still going) to be. One can only hope.

After that Jim Martin came out and started giving away boxsets of season 1 to the audience until Jeff Loeb came out and informed the whole audience that the cast was held up by a broken elevator. After hours in line to get into the Hall, that pretty much figured. He wasted some time by giving away more things and starting a shouting contest between different areas of the audience. After everyone’s teeth stopped rattling from the combined shock waves of sound, the cast, and I mean the whole cast, finally came out. Greg Grunberg, Adrian Pasdar, Milo Ventimiglia, Jack Coleman, Hayden Panettiere, Sendil Ramamurthy, Zachary Quinto, Ali Larter, Dania Ramirez, Christine Rose, Masi Oka, James Kyson Lee, and the show’s comic book artist, Time Sale all walked on stage to a standing ovation and more screaming. Mutual video taping is apparently had, and the first thing that pops into my head is that Comic Con is totally going to be the next big thing on Pasdar’s YouTube account (www.youtube.com/user/buckshotwon). After the roar dies down Tim Kring walks out with a hard case handcuffed to his hand.

Imagine my combined shock, joy and awe as he tells the audience that they are going to be the very first screening of episode 1 of Heroes’ season 3 arch, “Villian.”

Now, really, I can’t really talk about the episodes, because I don’t really want this rundown to turn into a spoiler filled extravaganza. But I feel also like I need to say something about the episode. As a Heroes fan, I seriously had issues with season 2, mainly because it disappointed me very greatly. I will admit there were moments of the season I liked, but as a whole I really think that season 2 failed in many ways. Since the writer’s strike started and Heroes went off the air for the time being, I have been praying for two things; 1) for the show that I loved so very much for all of season 1 to return to me so I don’t have to yell in frustration at my television every Monday night at 9, and 2) for them to finally make Christine Rose a main lead, because she seriously kicks some major ass. Both of these things happen.

The one thing I can say, really, is that Heroes has seriously returned to form. The episode was exciting, bringing together answers to old questions and new mysteries to explore for the new season. There are everybody’s favorite characters interacting in great new ways, brand new enemies, the return of old problems (one of which I would have sworn was gone for good), and most off all, some truly exciting twists and turns for fans to obsess about for the whole season. I literally could not stop grinning throughout the whole thing, the episode was that awesome, this was the show I loved. September cannot get here fast enough.

After that the cast ran back on stage for a round of applause to the writers and producers of the show and followed by what can only be described as a lightening round Q&A, which might actually have been the only real disappointing part of the panel, since there really was no audience interaction with any of the stars. To go through them quickly, I will say Milo is a sweetheart and actually jumped down off the stage to get take a picture with a fan. One audience member asked each of the cast to describe season 3 in a phrase, and because I wrote them all down, I now present Season 3 In 13 Phrases:

Fantastico, wonderful and magical, melt your head, sexy, Greg in a thong (thanks Pasdar), twisted, bruhaha, fantastical, deeply dark, roller coaster, far out and groovy, grateful, and adrenaline. (That last one will make more sense later.) Masi also said something in Japanese, but as I have issues with phrases beyond “Nani,” “Arigato,” and “Daisuki,” I actually missed that one.

After a question concerning the content of the season 2 DVDs Jeff Loeb told the crowd that much of the online content will be available on the season 2 DVD box set, along with some other amazing extras as well as possibly some season 2 episodes that never actually made it to television. The box set is set to be released on August 26th of this year.

Jeff Loeb rushed through most of the questions, turning down anyone who took too long or tried to make a comment. A couple of questions did get asked, one of which being the obligatory “which character’s power would you have your character switch with.” Ventimiglia said he wanted Sylar’s power, which didn’t make much sense considering, Coleman insisted he would love to have any power at all at this point in the series, and Panettiere said she would want Niki’s power from the first season because she’s tired of being getting beat up.

I kid stood up and gave a hilarious thumbs up to Quinto saying that “Sylo” was awesome and the greatest hero in the series. After which Quinto insisted to the next questioner who asked how he got into the mindset of the character that his name was “Sylo actually.” After the laughter died down he sobered a bit and explained that he gets his inspiration from the amazing people he works and from the word on the pages of the script, and really, in the end, it’s just fun to do.

Loeb halted the panel there, to everyone’s boos and general disappointment. Kring thanked everyone for being coming to the panel and being so supportive to the show and told us that based on our reaction he was very pleased to have been able to show the episode to Hall H for the panel. All I really could think, after I bolted from the room to go interview the cast of Chuck was that if this was any indication of that was to come for the show, it is seriously going to be hard to wait for September to roll around.

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