HEROES Loses Two Executive Producers

     November 3, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

In a long-overdue reorganization of their once promising series “Heroes,” NBC has let two of the series executive producers go — that’s a euphemism for getting shit-canned in case you missed it. According to Variety Jesse Alexander and Jeph Loeb were dismissed from the “Heroes” staff on Sunday. Both men were co-executive producers and writers who had been with the series since its first season – you know, when it was good.

Aside from “Heroes” diminished ratings and diminished attempts at making any sense at all, the reason for the executive shake-up could also be money related. The superhero series is dealing with some big budget overruns this year. Clearly they were hoping that lightning bolt effects and super streaky lines would distract viewers from the fact that their writing staff hadn’t come up with one credible plot point since the season one finale – unless you call bringing dead people back to life over and over again credible.

If you are sensing a little bitterness here it’s because I used to like “Heroes”… a lot. I was even compelled to write about my lost TV love after this season’s first chapter left me with a little indigestion. I’m not sure if the firing of two writers will help this series or kill it off completely, but at least it proves that NBC knows they’ve got a serious problem on their hands. It’s a start…

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