Heroes: Marvel’s Phase 4 Is In Motion; Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman Stops By

     March 5, 2018

On this 224th episode of Heroes, Jon Schnepp, Coy Jandreau, and Jay Washington discuss the following:

  • Deadline reported that Marvel is releasing seven films between July 2020 and 2022, which will make up the bulk of their MCU Phase 4.
  • The Hashtag Show reported that Silver & Black, the next Spidey-Verse movie, has been delayed indefinitely. The panel debates if a full “Spidey-Verse” slate of movies will actually get made after Venom.
  • Deadline reports that Kristen Wiig is in talks to play Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2.
  • In a report from The Atlantic, Chadwick Boseman told Ta-Nehisi Coates and Lupita Nyong’o that T’Challa is actually “the enemy” during a Black Panther chat at the Apollo Theater.
  • Freeform releases some new images and a new promo for their Marvel TV show Cloak and Dagger.
  • Den of Geek is reporting that Dwain Murphy has landed the role of Negative Man, a member of the Doom Patrol, on the Titans TV show.
  • FX has released a new Legion Season 2 promo offering a first look at Amahl Farouk, aka The Shadow King.
  • The Wrap is reporting that if the Time Warner and AT&T deal does not happen, Time Warner would look to sell Warner Bros. and DC separately.
  • Zachary Levi takes to Instagram and posts a video playfully addressing the Shazam! costume leak.
  • Sony announced that The Crow reboot starring Jason Momoa is now scheduled for Oct 11, 2019.
  • Deadline is reporting that Keanu Reeves is the first choice to star in Past Midnight, a new Netflix film directed by Rick Famuyiwa with Joe Russo and Anthony Russo producing it.
  • Fox’s Gotham released a series of photos and a new trailer that includes Jim Gordon in his trademark mustache and the young Bruce Wayne dreaming of meeting an older Batman.
  • John Francis Daley took to his social media to confirm that he and Jonathon Goldstein are officially directing The Flash movie for Warner Bros. and DC.
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Image via Sony Pictures