Extended HEROES REBORN Super Bowl Spot

     February 1, 2015


During tonight’s Super Bowl, NBC took advantage of the opportunity to catch a bajillion viewers and offered up a tease of its upcoming rebooted limited series Heroes Reborn.  The 13-episode event is an extension of the NBC series Heroes, which debuted to acclaim in 2006 before becoming bogged down in its own mythology and hype and eventually petering out after four seasons. Heroes creator/executive producer Tim Kring is once again behind Heroes Reborn, which will see Jack Coleman reprising his role as H.R.G. aka Noah Bennett.  This Heroes Reborn Super Bowl trailer offers a tease of the next chapter in the Heroes universe, not only showing Coleman’s character tracking a young girl with powers, but also revealing a new character played by Chuck alum Zachary Levi.  Is he friend?  Foe?  We’ll find out soon enough. Watch the “extended” version of the Heroes Reborn Super Bowl trailer below via NBC (it’s 5 seconds longer than the one that aired on TV), click here to watch all the movie trailers that aired during the game, and click here for some of the best commercials. Heroes Reborn will air on NBC sometime in 2015, likely in the fall.


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