HEROES – Tim Kring and Jeph Loeb Exclusive Video Interview – Saturn Awards

     June 29, 2008

Last Tuesday, I attended the 34th Annual Saturn Awards and interviewed a ton of people on the red carpet and backstage after the show. If you’re been reading the site the past few days…perhaps you’ve seen all the interviews. Anyway, I’ve still got a few interviews left to post and my goal is to get them all done by tomorrow. So to meet that goal…I’ll keep this intro brief.

Posted below is the almost 15 minute interview with Heroes creator Tim Kring and Jeph Loeb – the executive producer.

During the interview they talk about what fans can expect next season and a lot more. Highlights are the Villains Chapter is 13 episodes and that they’ve already filmed the first 5 of the season. They also confirm they’ll have a big presence at Comic-Con…with either a sizzle real of highlights of next season…or perhaps even showing the season premiere.

If you’re a fan of NBC’s Heroes…this is a must watch interview.

Again, look for more interviews tomorrow!

Tim Kring and Jeph Loeb Video Interview – Part 1

  • How has this season been going? I’ve heard from a few cast members that the scripts are really good this year.

  • Did the writers strike help recharge the batteries

  • With the season called Villains – how much time do we spend with the main characters

  • Confirms 4th season will happen during this year

  • Not introducing a lot of new characters

  • Francis from Veronica Mars is on the show

  • Comic-Con talk – not sure if they’ll premiere the first episode down there or it will be a sizzle reel

  • The clips from the Jules Verne event will be on the show in some way

  • If you’re not in the room at Comic-Con…you won’t be seeing the footage

  • They say that by the end of the first night…some pretty big things will be revealed

  • Heroes Origins is on the backburner

  • They are currently shooting episode 5 and are writing episode 11/12

  • Blu-ray season two talk

Tim Kring and Jeph Loeb Video Interview – Part 2

  • Tim Sale talk

  • Extras on the season two DVD

  • What is the theme of the Villains chapter – what happens if ordinary people discover they have extraordinary abilities and they are not a good person

  • How far can they go with Sylar

  • How do the webisodes tie into the show – Tim says they’re a prequel of sorts

  • They talk about comics that are in development

  • They say Tim Sale will continue to be on the show

  • Finale talk – what kind are they going to be

  • They say volume 3 – Villains – is 13 episodes

  • Someone asks if they see a Heroes movie at some point

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