HEROES Volume Two is Called GENERATIONS!

     May 12, 2007

At the Saturn Awards last night I was able to interview a ton of the actors as well as the key creative people behind the show “Heroes.” Tomorrow, in conjunction with IESB.net, we’ll be posting a ton of great footage that you’ll definitely want to see. As a huge fan of the show I’m telling you the footage is fantastic and we even asked Tim Kring the Watchman question!

But to give you a taste of what’s to come…here isMasi Oka in a video interview below. While you’re not going to get anything major… if you’re a “Heroes” fan you’ll love the first question and his reaction.

The other bit of news is for all of you going to comic con this July in San Diego. Masi said he starts to film “Heroes” again on June 29th and I heard from the rest of the cast that they start again in June as well. Since comic-con is the end of July…. I would think we all have a good chance of seeing some footage from Volume 2 at comic con to reward all the loyal viewers who’ll be packing in the large auditorium.

And to make it nice and easy… here is the link to the Tim Kring interview at the Saturn Awards. He talks about the success of the show, a bit on Season Two, as well as the upcoming DVD. It’s a great interview if you love the show.

Here is the link for the cast member interviews. Included are Jack Coleman, Noah Gray-Cabey and Leonard Roberts.

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