HEY DUDE and Stick Stickly Join The 90’s Are All That Line-Up Which is Moving to Primetime on TeenNick

     October 5, 2011


Back in March we learned that a handful of programming from the 90’s would make its way to late night time slots on TeenNick for a great block of shows called The 90’s Are All That. Originally starting with All That, Kenan & Kel, Doug and Clarissa Explains It All, the line-up has since expanded to include shows like Hey Arnold! and Rugrats. Now another Nickelodeon classic is joining the ranks as EW has word that Hey Dude is saddling up for some reruns. If this just didn’t hit during your childhood or you just didn’t have Nickelodeon as a kid, the series, which aired from 1989-1991, followed a wacky group of teenagers working at the Bar None western dude ranch and starred David Brisbin (Mr. Ernst), David Lascher (Ted), Christine Taylor (Melody), Kelly Brown (Brad), and Joe Torres (Danny).

Not only is Hey Dude coming around, but the entire programming line-up is moving from the late night time slot to a primetime start at 10/9c. And for even more great news for children of the 90’s another staple from Nickelodeon will return every Friday. The popsicle stick host Stick Stickly (I still remember the address where you could send letters that could be brought up on air) will host UPick with Stick where every Friday night, episodes can be chosen by viewers via Facebook and www.90sAreAllThat.com. Honestly, why can’t we just have a whole channel dedicated to Nickelodeon’s programming from the 90’s? Until that day comes, this will have to suffice I suppose.