Hey Moneybags! Retro-Styled T-shirts From “Wake Up…Time To Die”

     July 13, 2009


For a few years now, “Last Exit to Nowhere” has had the market cornered in hardcore movie-geek shirts.  Oh, there are plenty of stores that will provide you with a shirt with the name of your favorite movie on it, but that’s for other people.  We die-hards want shirts that identify us and each other as those in the know and able to recognize the in-joke the moment we see it.  That’s why “Last Exit” offers up such great shirts like “WGON TV” (Dawn of the Dead), “NWA” (Hot Fuzz), or “Hotel Earle” (Barton Fink) just to name a few.

But now another site (also based in the UK) is offering up some stiff competition.  “Wake Up…Time to Die” has a great selection of shirts in the same vein so if you want folks to know about “J.J. Gittes & Associates” or that you too are now in possession of a machine-gun (have fun wearing that one through airport security), this is the place to start shopping.

Hit the jump to take a look at just a few of the great shirts you’re going to want to add to your closet as soon as you have a steady paycheck again.





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