‘Highlander’: Director Chad Stahelski Planning a Trilogy; Offers Updates, Reveals Possible Rating

     January 30, 2017


Summit and Lionsgate have been trying to get a Highlander remake off the ground for years now, cycling through a series of attached filmmakers and stars, but the latest incarnation might be the most promising yet. Late last year, the studio scooped up John Wick helmer Chad Stahelski to develop and direct the reboot based on the Queen-fueled 1986 fantasy action flick.

In the original, which has become a bonafide cult classic in the decades since, Christopher Lambert played an immortal swordsman dubbed Highlander. Trained by Sean Connery’s Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, he must face another immortal warrior, Clancy Brown’s Victor Kruger in modern-day New York City.

highlander christopher lambert

Image via 20th Century Fox

Collider’s own Steven Weintraub recently sat down with Stahelski to chat about John Wick: Chapter 2, and he took the opportunity to get some updates on the director’s vision for the Highlander remake and how far along they are in the development process.

For his part, Stahelski is a huge fan of the property in every form—the film franchise, TV series and books—and points to the basic hook of the mythology as the reason the fandom has endured in spite of the original film’s sillier qualities.

“If you go back and watch the original Highlander, whether the quality holds up or not or the filmmaking process holds up, there are things about that movie beneath just the shots and the lighting, there’s a mythology there, for some reason, it hooks us. We love that world. everybody loves the immortal realm. Everybody loves the code — There can be only one. There’s something about it that hooks you, hooks me, hooks all the fanboys about it. I went so far as I know every episode of all six seasons, plus the seventh season if you count Raven as a series, plus the novels, there’s something about the world that’s hooking.”

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