VH1 Renews HINDSIGHT for Season 2

     March 16, 2015


We did it, people! Last week I stumped to save the VH1 series Hindsight, giving a few reasons why you should be watching, and hoping it would be renewed. And so it has come to pass: VH1 has announced it will be bringing the 90s back for another season.

hindsight-sarah-goldberg-imageAfter a huge cliffhanger finale that found all of the show’s characters at major crossroads, it’s a relief that fans might actually get some closure — or at least, a further exploration of what life will look like for Becca (Laura Ramsey), Lolly (Sarah Goldberg), Sean (Craig Horner), Jamie (John Patrick Amedori), Paige (Drew Sidora), and even Grumpy Rick (Dominick Vicchiullo) in the alternative timeline. Can Becca and Lolly’s friendship be saved? Are elevators still wormholes? Will Grumpy Rick ever stop being so damn grumpy?

As I mentioned in the writeup last week, while Hindsight‘s biggest draw may be its 90s nostalgia (the tech! the fashions! the music!), it’s easy to like the show’s characters, and genuinely want to know what’s up next for them in 1996.

For those who haven’t watched yet, the show focuses on a New York Gen-Xer, Becca, who is magically transported back to 1996, and given a chance to redo her messy love life, find a new career, and save the most important friendship of her life. The show isn’t perfect, but it’s really fun. And, you’ll start remembering to download a bunch of songs you taped off the radio onto cassette back in the day and used to love.

Though there is no hard date set for the series’ return, at least we know it will be back. In the meantime, you can catch up on the 10-episode first season on VH1.com.