First HITS Trailer: Matt Walsh Goes Viral in David Cross’ Feature Directorial Debut

     January 5, 2015


It’s been a year since David Cross’ feature directorial debut premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, but a Hits trailer is finally here.  Meredith Hagner plays Katelyn Stuben, a fame-obsessed girl who’s convinced she’s going to be discovered by becoming a viral sensation.  Trouble is, her dad beats her to it.  Dave Stuben (Matt Walsh) frequents city council meetings to air his grievances and one outburst turns him into a YouTube sensation.

Hits came out of the festival with mixed reviews, but as presented in this trailer, the timely concept, the sassy humor and snappy pace look like good fun so I lean towards taking the promo’s pull quotes to heart.  Hit the jump to check the new Hits trailer for yourself.  No word on when the film will get a release, but according to the trailer, it’s coming soon and apparently via BitTorrent.  Hits also stars James Adomian, Derek Waters, Wyatt Cenac, Jake Cherry, Julia Stiles, Michael Cera, David Koechner, Amy Sedaris, Jason Ritter, Erinn Hayes, Amy Carlson and Russ Tamblyn.

Via Honora.

Here’s the official synopsis for Hits:

“Hits” is a dark comedy exploring the nature of fame in 21st century YouTube America. The film takes place in a small town in upstate New York populated by people who trade in unrealistic expectations. It’s a story in which fame, delusion, earnestness, and recklessness meet, shake hands, and disrupt the lives around them.


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