‘Hobbs & Shaw’: How Those After-Credits Scenes Tease the Future of the Franchise

     August 2, 2019

hobbs-shaw-dwayne-johnson-jason-statham-slice*Major spoilers ahead for Hobbs & Shaw

There’s a whole lot of mecha-terrorists, muscle cars, and man meat to fit into Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, which means the main event storyline following Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham spills over into not one, not two, not even three, but four after-credits scenes. Before we dive into what these stingers might mean for the franchise as a whole, let’s recap where Hobbs & Shaw ends.

After taking the fight to Samoa, Luke Hobbs (Johnson), Deckard Shaw (Statham) realize it truly is teamwork that makes the dream work, combining the force of their fists to take down genetically enhanced bio-terrorist Brixton (Idris Elba). Meanwhile, Deckard’s MI6 agent sister, Hattie Shaw (Vanessa Kirby), safely extracts the film’s world-ending virus from her body, saving mankind from an organ-melting apocalypse. With Brixton’s mission deemed a failure, the extremist “tech cult” Etreon and its shadowy leader terminate the terrorist’s system remotely, sending him dead into the ocean below.

The world saved and an extra-medium shirt firmly back on The Rock’s body, Hobbs and the siblings Shaw head their separate ways again with a newfound respect for each other. Cue the credits scenes. Final spoiler warning:


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Mid-Credits Scene #1 gives us an update on Ryan Reynolds‘ Locke, the over-friendly CIA agent who recruited Hobbs earlier in the movie. Locke calls up Hobbs again to inform him there is a new virus on the market—this one melts your outsides, not your insides—but he’s mostly got it under control. As it turns out, Locke is a bit of a one-man wrecking crew.

Mid-Credits Scene #2 catches up with the Shaw family matriarch, Magdalene Shaw (Helen Mirren), who we discover during Hobbs & Shaw is in prison. Deckard and Hattie visit their mother together for the first time, bringing her the birthday cake with a file in it she’s always wanted. The scene makes it pretty clear that Mama Shaw isn’t going to be locked up much longer.


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Mid-Credits Scene #3 finds Deckard Shaw in a London pub when he receives a call from his buddy Luke Hobbs, who I’m pretty sure about to start a workout using those chains they use to tie down ocean haulers. The friendly chat, of course, turns antagonistic when Hobbs reveals he’s called in a tip and the pub is surrounded by police looking for a “Hugh Janus.” This is, naturally, revenge for earlier in the film when Shaw stuck Hobbs with the alias “Mike Oxmaul”. These guys!

Mid-Credits Scene #4 rounds back to Locke’s mission, where we discover the CIA agent has managed to stab someone with a brick.

Four extra scenes would seem like overkill when they all pretty much amount to bonus jokes if it weren’t for something interesting Dwayne Johnson said on Twitter.

It’s an open secret that a large part of Hobbs & Shaw‘s existence can be chalked up to Dwayne Johnson and Fast and the Furious face Vin Diesel just really, really not liking each other. It’s also pretty obvious that Hobbs & Shaw is setting itself up for a sequel; director David Leitch and writers Chris Morgan and Drew Pearce purposely left the identity of the Eteon boss a mystery while establishing he or she has a past with Shaw and newfound interest in Hobbs. Depending on how much money this movie makes—and, I mean, come on—it’s likely Hobbs & Shaw becomes less of a spinoff and more of its own franchise running next to the F&F movies.

And that, obviously, would require its own crew to parallel the Toretto Family. Right now, that looks like Luke Hobbs, Deckard Shaw, and Hattie Shaw as your main trio, plus Reynolds’ Locke and possibly even Rob Delaney‘s Agent Loeb, who recruited Shaw but didn’t pop up again. There’s also the chance of Magdalene Shaw playing the sort of Woman in the Chair role from afar—although I would not say no to a car chase featuring Helen Mirren—even though she’s set to return in Fast & Furious 9. Plus, the film introduces a ton of wild cards into the mix that I wouldn’t be surprised to reappear down the line. Kevin Hart‘s Air Marshall character? Hobbs’ brother Jonah (Cliff Curtis) or entirely mute yet prominently featured cousin, Mateo (Joe “Roman Reigns” Anoia)? Much like using a brick as a murder weapon, the possibilities here are endless.

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