‘Hobbs and Shaw’ Viewers Spot Plot Hole with Jason Statham and Vanessa Kirby Characters

     August 4, 2019


The ninth Fast & Furious film, Hobbs & Shaw, has finally hit theaters and audiences are pouring into theaters everywhere to catch it in all its bombastic glory. Upon leaving the theaters, audience members seem to have noticed a glaring plot hole that is central to the film’s story. Viewer observations about the plot hole have flooded Twitter, leading to some truly hilarious takes.

So, what’s the plot hole? Well, it has to do with co-stars Jason Statham and Vanessa Kirby and their respective characters, Deckard and Hattie Shaw. It’s established early in the movie by their mother, Magdalene “Queenie” Shaw (in a brief but perfect appearance from Helen Mirren), that the brother and sister were close when they were kids. Flashbacks to the rascally duo seem to take place in the late ’70s or very early ’80s as they get into all kinds of trouble.

What’s meant to be a simple bit of exposition to help development the history and relationship between two characters has managed to expose a very awkward and amusing truth. In reality, Statham is in his early 50s and Kirby is in her early 30s. Even with the most generous guesses about their ages made based solely on their looks,  Statham is still visibly much older than Kirby. If the film assumes Deckard and Hattie are around the same ages as the actors who play them, then how exactly were they kids at the same time?

Hopefully viewers don’t think the plot hole is big enough to detract from the numerous adrenaline rushes and metric ton of fun this movie. Fast & Furious films have always required a healthy amount of suspended disbelief, so it’s no wonder Hobbs & Shaw is following suit, even in a smaller way.

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