‘Homeland’ Season 6 Will Take Place in New York City

     January 12, 2016


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At the Showtime panel during today’s TCAs, David Nevins (the network’s new CEO) announced that Homeland is, well, coming home for Season 6. It will take place “in and around New York City,” with Nevins furthering stating to our own Haleigh Foutch and other journalists that after several seasons in Afghanistan and Pakistan and then Europe last year, there was an interest in doing another American story. “It’s not necessarily going to stay there forever,” Nevins continued. “But there was a strong interest in doing a domestic story.”

As far as who the target might be or what the new season might focus on, Nevins said he has no idea yet. But when it comes to the show reinventing itself (a trend it started with Season 4), he did comment that he is “in awe” of what Alex Gansa and the writers do.


Image via Showtime

Still, one of the biggest questions from Season 5 is the fate of Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend). He was dragged halfway across the world, half-alive, potentially wishing he was dead (who can forget the vomiting up of black blood?), only to end with Carrie (Clare Danes) maybe thinking about smothering him for his own good. So … is he coming out of the coma?

Nevins says there’s no definitive answer, though he does not plan to toy with viewer expectations. Homeland is a show that killed a lead,” he said. “It attempts to live in the real world. It’s less about playing games. There won’t be a supernatural solution.” And, if Quinn does live, he wouldn’t likely go back to being a badass assassin. “It will not be in any way shape or form the way he has lived to date,” he said.

Further, Nevins said that though here have been “vague” discussions with Gansa about ending the series, it’s not imminent. “He tends to attack the seasons one by one.”

Though Homeland likes to take its cues from the real world, a question about the show focusing on something like El Chapo is unlikely: “I have no idea if Alex [Gansa] has ever thought of it, but I’ve thought of it. It seems a little out of the ordinary for the show, but the narco-terrorism is always a possibility. “ And is it possible that Donald Trump could ever play a role? “Jesus. I don’t know. They don’t tend to do real people, but they tend to find themes that are real. “


Image via Showtime


Image via Showtime